Sometimes educators need a quick check-in or affirmation. Sometimes they need privacy. Sometimes they need a politically neutral perspective. Sometimes they need a kind, caring set of ears. Sometimes they need all of this and more.

When a group is neither available nor appropriate, individual meetings can be a godsend. They last 50 minutes, can be done in person or online, and can be arranged on an as-needed or regular basis.

What do we talk about? Whatever is on the educator’s mind. How do we talk about it? We look at emotions and behaviors and figure out what they might mean in the current situation. We focus on the present, not on the past, and we aim at devising a plan for future action in the classroom or school that will dissolve stress and strain.

Individual support is like coaching, but with a specifically dynamic — that is, emotional and relational — orientation. The goal is always to offer relief so educators can do their jobs freely, unburdened by overwhelming and debilitating emotions.

Feel free to make an appointment by emailing me at [email protected]. Once we have made an appointment, please pay in advance: