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where emotions and relationships are central to teaching and learning

The Book


This book is for teachers of all levels, pre-school to post-graduate. In the book, I do two things:

  • I immerse teachers in thinking about the emotions they have about teaching. When they think about their emotions, especially the negative ones, teachers can actually change their relationships with their students — and, therefore, the learning their students will be able to do in their classrooms.
  • I describe the kind of non-evaluative, dynamically oriented, utterly confidential support all teachers deserve to help them do this thinking AND (by the way) to feel better about themselves and their teaching.

The book is full of real-life stories that will resonate with teachers of all ages and levels. The problematic situations in the stories — pushed buttons, insults and compliments, crossed boundaries, and power struggles — will be familiar to most. The solutions may be unfamiliar. But they make amazing sense. And they have made many say, when I’ve told them about my work, “Why hasn’t this been done before?!?”

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter on pushed buttons. It’s a good introduction to the content and style of The Feeling of Teaching.

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Speaking of reviews, check out this one: http://readersfavorite.com/book-review/28154

Here’s what other readers have said about The Feeling of Teaching:

“This truly should be a must-read for all educators in the field, and especially a required text for teacher education programs.”     — Alexis Kennedy, school librarian

“Thank you for writing this book. It is THE BEST professional development tool I have been exposed to in my twenty years of teaching. I have been silently suffering (not so silently at times) through the emotional work of being everything to everyone  and not having a secure sense of self in the classroom. This book is chock-full of nuggets of wisdom and validation. I will continue to refer to it on a regular basis and look forward to a day in my professional career when I can have supervised support to reinforce the concepts presented in this book.”     — Julie Freebern, music educator

“[This] book amazed me. Not only did I learn a lot from it in general terms, but it gave me some very strong specific ideas that I can use in my own classroom….[T]he discussions about button-pushing, what it means and how to deal with it…will change the way I teach.”     — Ronadh Cox, geology professor

“There is a treasure trove of information for receptive educators. It’s amazingly accessible work.”     — Mary Panke, mother/psychotherapist

“I am just loving [this book]: so readable, truly substantial, and what a resource…it is for educators at large, parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, really anyone who interacts with kids on a regular basis.”     — Janneke van de Stadt, Russian professor

“I think it is a really important book for teachers. I think it should be integrated into every student teaching program in the country.”     — Carrol Moran, program administrator

“This was a sheer pleasure to read. The concepts are exciting, the writing powerful. I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot — and I’m neither a teacher nor a psychologist!”     — Deb Burns, book editor


  1. This book was an interesting and enjoyable read, and it has dramatically affected the way I carry myself in the classroom, and the way that I conceptualize my role and place in the lives of my students. Long after I’ve put it down I am still chewing on these ideas, especially the connection between learning and identity.

  2. I just purchased your Kindle book!!!! I am so excited about this step towards helping other teachers as well as myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH Ms. BURRIS♡

    • Betsy

      January 3, 2019 at 9:24 am

      I’m so glad, Cynthia! I hope you find it useful. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year for you!!

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