We all know teachers are supposed to help their students grow academically. And most of us would agree, if pushed, that teachers should probably help their students grow emotionally. But how many job descriptions for teachers include these skills?:

  • must be willing to be used ruthlessly by students
  • must have rock-solid personal boundaries
  • must be good at turning anger into compassion
  • must resist using students for personal gratification
  • must survive relentless emotional demands with patience and grace

These, in fact, are just some of the skills teachers need if they are to serve their students as developmental partners — as people who support their students’ academic and emotional growth.

This workshop helps teachers understand

  • how students necessarily use them to grow and develop
  • how exhausting this “ruthless use” can be, and
  • how to deploy the skills and understanding necessary to survive this “ruthless use” so their students can do the learning and growing they need to do.

The lens this workshop helps to grind is one that allows teachers to see student misbehavior as a great gift because it points like a laser beam to what the student needs in order to keep developing. Seeing through this lens can reduce teacher stress by helping teachers align with students rather than battle them.

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