Every classroom is a holding environment. It is a space within which students develop and learn, make mistakes, act out, and grow up.

Seems obvious: classrooms are important learning environments.

But what about “holding”? How do classrooms and teachers “hold” students? Given that learning and changing can be risky, and given that risk tends to trigger strong emotions, what forces are classrooms and teachers struggling to contain every single day in the name of educating?

This workshop invites teachers to consider what it means to create and manage a healthy holding environment for all students. What do they currently do to “hold” their students? What acts, behaviors, and emotions make “holding” difficult? What might they do differently, both relationally and instructionally? Where are teachers trying to do the impossible? What kind of holding environment do they themselves need if they are to grow and develop as teachers?

The lens this workshop crafts focuses on the classroom and even the school as a nested system in which everyone is developing, learning, growing — students, teachers, and administrators. The outcome is concrete ideas for utilizing the entire system to promote growth and development for all.

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