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About Betsy

Betsy Burris PhD, MSW, LCSW

I’m a teacher educator and a psychotherapist, a combination that allows me to see classroom behavior and teacher experience through an amazingly helpful lens: the psychodynamic lens. By “psycho” I mean having to do with emotions and unconscious expectations of ourselves and the world; by “dynamic” I mean having to do with relationships and the ways we fit together with other people, for better and for worse. I have been helping teachers and administrators (and parents and even students!) hone their psychodynamic lenses for over a decade.

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My colleagues and I, all great people, went through a very difficult period of time functioning well together. After working with Betsy over a series of sessions, our professional and personal relationships have improved tremendously and we are accomplishing so much in our professional practice. Betsy is exceptionally skilled at guiding group work and facilitating positive relationships. Not only do I highly recommend Betsy, but I am very appreciative for what she has done for us.
— Berkshire County educator