Teaching through Emotions is a rare form of relief for educators — rare because it focuses on emotions and the draining experiences that drag teachers down and make them want to quit.

It’s not psychotherapy, and it’s not life coaching. It’s more like psycho-coaching: using psychological frames to coach teachers through tough feelings to more attuned and effective teaching.

In a nutshell, Teaching through Emotions is about using your emotions to feel better and teach better.

How does teaching through emotions work?

When you engage with a TTE coach,

  • you get to speak the truth about your teaching experiences — with no blame, no judgment, and with utter confidentiality

  • you receive empathy and validation

  • you figure out what is going on in troubling situations

  • you come up with a plan of action that will defuse the troubling situation

  • you enlist a partner who has your back

  • you turn negative feelings into compassion

  • you feel seen, heard, and appreciated

listen to Betsy talk about her work: